Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Try a Different Cut of the Fish - Halibut Nape

I'm a big seafood lover and like to try new things. So when my fiance made me dinner one time with Halibut Nape, I really liked it - not only because he made it for me, but also because it was a different cut of fish I've never had before.

The nape of the fish, we were told by the fish monger, is similar to the belly of a fish. It's full of fatty goodness and moist. It's also much less expensive than fillets. So when we went to the wonderful fish market in my fiance's neighborhood and saw Halibut Nape, we just had to have it again. The cooking method is the same as a fish fillet, but you just have to remove a layer of silverskin from the flesh.

I made the Halibut Nape
my fast and usual way - broiled with bread crumbs. I served it with a side of Israeli couscous with pine nuts, leeks and lemon juice. Yum!

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