Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saturday Breakfast - Flour Bakery

After our first experience at Flour Bakery at Fort Point in Boston months ago, my fiance developed an itch for their sticky buns. So we checked out their other location in South End for a late breakfast/early lunch this past Saturday.

Compared to their Fort Point location, the one in South End was a bit disappointing. It was packed, slightly cramped and many baked goods (namely their famous sticky buns) were sold out by noon. The high demand was apparent in this more populated area.

What we had was very nicely done.
I had Banana Bread and my fiance had a BLT. The former was flavorful and moist. The latter was excellent - I can't say enough good things about their BLT. The bread was nicely toasted (without butter, which is perfect because bacon is greasy enough by itself). The bacon was thick cut, perfectly cooked and crunchy. The tomato did not taste ordinary; it looked like it was roasted briefly and flattened. The sandwich spread was light, perhaps mayonnaise, when combined with the juice in the tomato, dripped lightly down your fingers bite after bite. And lastly, the arugula added a very nice touch - its pepperiness was refreshing when combined with the bacon...a winning combo!

Above, the very nicely toasted bread on Flour's BLT

Above, a bite into Flour's BLT - see the thick cut, perfectly cooked bacon?

We also had a Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding to go. It was good, but not a show stopper. I stole a bite at the bakery before I brought it home. It had just come out of their temperature regulated display. I thought that wasn't the best way to serve needed to be served warm, which would allow the chocolate flavor to come out more.

All in all, I prefer the Fort Point location - it's less busy, more comfortable, well stocked and well ventilated - I know for sure I won't leave the place stinking like bacon all day!

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