Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anatomy of a Ready to Go Freezer

What do you do in Boston? I get this question alot. I think my fiance's freezer sums it up.

I stock up his freezer with meats and home cooked meals that can be reheated or cooked quickly within half an hour max. This is in addition to job searching, watching Martha, Jon & Kate +8, Project Runway, etc. of course.

You'll find recipes to some of what you see in his freezer here:
Turkey Spring Rolls - make on weekend& freeze for quick weeknight meal
Turkey Dumplings - make on weekend & freeze for quick weeknight meal
Ricotta Gnocchi - make on weekend & freeze for quick weeknight meal
Mushroom Pasta - no weekend prep required
Mushroom Lasagna - make on weekend for quick weeknight meal

I always try to make my meals from fresh ingredients. The only handy things I like to have in the freezer are left over tomatoes from the can, left over tomato paste from the can, shrimp, peas, spinach and pine nuts.

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