Monday, October 20, 2008

Beef with What's Labeled Asian

I have strong opinions when it comes to food I grew up with, namely Chinese food. I accept American Chinese food, but it is not what I know from my childhood and love. At least American Chinese food is recognizable to traditional Chinese food. Along the same lines, I have no beef with Asian fusion, as long as it tastes good and is recognizable; if not, it's what I call Asian confusion. What I have serious beef with though, is something that claims to be Asian but isn't.

For example, I once ordered a Thai Wrap from Devon and Blakely (which I heard serves good soup by the way), but it was hardly Thai at all. Here were the ingredients in the wrap: chicken, celery, scallion, carrots, apples, almonds and yogurt dressing. If you're not scratching your head on this, I was. I'm not Thai, but the only Asian ingredient in there was scallions. Yogurt is hardly Thai at all; it's Indian. What else can I say other than serious beef? Ignorance?

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