Friday, September 26, 2008


Sonsie has always been my favorite place for brunch in Boston. My fiance and I haven't been there in years, but we felt the same after our latest visit a few weeks back. The strangest part of our experience this time around was that they don't serve brunch until 11:30am, which we thought was a bit late. Coming from NY, where there is a huge brunch scene, most places serve brunch at 11 the latest.

We usually sit by the windows in the front at the cafe tables to soak up the sun (and some vitamin D of course). We would sip our tea while watching pedestrians walk by on the street. It looked a bit more cramped than we had remembered, so we sat in the dining room instead during our last visit. I didn't remember ever having this, but this time around, we were greeted with some warm breads and baked goods. Yum!

I ordered my usual - Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict. I have to say that this doesn't beat Public's (in NY) Tea Smoked Salmon Egg Benedict, but
it was still very good. What the egg and salmon rested on though, wasn't an English Muffin. Rather, it was similar to a bagel without holes. The benedict came with a roasted tomato, which I have never had before, and some nice crunchy home fries. The tomato was nicely done - nice grilled flavor, and not over done to the point where it becomes a squishy tomato. The home fries were crunchy outside and perfectly soft inside.

The portions were huge (my fiance couldn't finish his plate), and I left the place feeling very satisfied (and on the verge of even feeling gross).
Any where that has average to good service, good tea selection, serves good food, good bloody mary and leaves you feeling full gets my seal of approval!

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