Sunday, March 1, 2009


Public is right up there on my list next to Five Points for brunch in NYC. I love this place not only for its simple decor (my favorite room has skylight windows), but also for its consistently good food (and good bloody mary).

The restaurant has a library theme going on. There's a library catalogue storage system, which houses their menus, and menus are presented on clip boards. I've seen photos online of a couple taking advantage of this by hosting a library/school-themed wedding reception at the restaurant (*hint hint to my cool cousin who lives pretty much around the corner to Public*). Had I known they do weddings there, I would have soooo book my wedding at Public!

For brunch, all tables are given complimentary mini scones. You can munch on them while going over their menu, which has a good variety of dishes from the sweet to the savory. You can order a set brunch, which includes a cocktail, tea/coffee and a main dish, or you can just order one main dish. The price of their set brunch has gone up a few dollars, but if you're going all out, ordering that can save you about $2.

Over the many times I've visited the restaurant for brunch, I pretty much order Tea-Smoked Salmon Benedict almost every single time. I've tried other dishes such as the Banana Stuffed French Toast, but I'm addicted to the Tea-Smoked Salmon. It's served with spinach, poached eggs on perfectly toasted sourdough with yuzu hollandaise.

My addiction is probably because the dish is original - it's not the usual smoked salmon that most restaurants serve when it comes to Smoked Salmon Benedict, it is salmon that's been tea smoked and served in meaty chunks; on top of that, it's not served on your usual English Muffin. I love it when I break the poached egg, the combination of the yolk and hollandaise soak into crunchy exterior (but soft interior) of the sourdough.

Enough about their Tea Smoked Salmon. The last time we paid Public a visit, my fiance had their Fry-up, which is just your basic eggs and toast breakfast, and as requested, with a side of bacon. It was very nicely done, but he was disappointed because they had sold out on their Venison Burger (it must be THAT good!)

The cherry on top of all this is that the restaurant serves loose tea in tea pots. This place is just my cup of tea!

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