Saturday, September 6, 2008

Turkey Dumplings

Dumplings are my fiance's favorite quick meal, so I make sure he has plenty in the freezer. I prefer to make these from scratch as opposed to buying them from the supermarket because I know for sure there's no MSG in them. These dumplings freeze beautifully and you don't have to defrost them at all. Plus, there is more than one way to make these - pan fried or boiled.

I got my recipe from Ming Tsai's cookbook. The only modifications I made to the recipe was using turkey (instead of pork) and adding a bit of scallions. I could not believe how tasty they were the first time I made them. Also, I took the easy way out by using store-bought dumpling wrappers and made easy pinches (as opposed to folding pleats) along the edges to seal the dumplings.

Above, pan fried dumplings

For the pan fried version (like pot stickers), just toss the frozen dumplings in a pan coated with oil over medium-high heat. I like to brown both sides of the dumplings for added crunch. When both sides are browned, add some water to the pan (for 6 dumplings, I'd add about a tablespoon of water) and quickly cover it. Lower to medium-low heat. Let them steam for about 6 to 8 minutes. Serve with a dumpling sauce - you can buy it at the supermarket or make your own; mix some soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sugar together for a simple version.

For the boiled version, just toss the frozen dumplings in chicken broth, add some noodles and veggies. All this takes is 8 to 10 minutes. What a nice quick, tasty and comforting meal!

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