Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunday Breakfast - Flour Bakery (Again)

I know, someone's obsessed and it isn't me. My fiance was determined to scratch his itch for Flour Bakery's sticky bun, so we headed to their Fort Point location this time. It was a nice enjoyable 5-10 minute walk from South Station...the sun was out and the temperature was perfect.

We felt so much more comfortable and relaxed there. The Fort Point location has so much more room. There are communal tables, regular tables, bar stools and plenty of outside seating.

Above, the communal table and menu at Flour

Above, the bar stools at Flour - the "tables" are interesting, no?

Above, the baked goods "buffet" display at the counter

I drooled over their luscious looking display and decided on a lemon ginger scone, which was sold out the day before at the South End location. The first thing that struck me was its dome shape - from what I understand, well-made scones are supposed to be leveled in height. If you cut the scones with a sharp knife or a sharp cutter, the scone should rise evenly when baked. If cut with a dull object, all the butter layers would get smushed together, preventing the edges from rising correctly.

Above, the dome shaped lemon ginger scone

Traditional scones are dry and this isn't one of them. It was moist (more so than Once Upon a Tart) and was topped with a lemon icing. I usually don't like icing because they're usually piled on thick, but I liked it on the scone - it was the perfect amount. It added an extra fresh lemon flavor and the right amount of sweetness to the scone. The combination of lemon and crystallized ginger chunks was perfect.

Above, the moist interior of the lemon ginger scone

As for the sticky bun...I am happy to report that it scratched my fiance's itch. Unfortunately, it was a bit dry this time compared to our first.

Our experience didn't end with the sticky bun. We brought a berry bread pudding home - it made me very happy. Whoever came up with bread pudding was a genius, and those who make bread pudding at bakeries are very smart. It's such a clever and efficient way to use day old bread. Anyways, the berry bread pudding was perfect. The sweetness was perfect, and the berry topping added a very nice tangy contrast to the creaminess of the custard soaked bread. I especially like the currants on the top. I prefer this over the banana chocolate version, hands down.

Above, berry bread pudding

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