Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Living Walls

I saw living walls or vertical gardens on the Martha Stewart show yesterday and was taken right away! Not only are these pretty, but they are environmentally friendly as well. Living walls are basically plants planted on panels that could be attached to walls for indoor use or on flat structures for outdoor use. The irrigation system is built in and looked simple. If you want to purify air, pick what you want to grow from NASA's top 15 plants.

Above from ELT Living Walls

Personally, I would use them in the foyer in my future house...or I can make one for my wedding for a designated photo area and use them for my house later! Anyways, they're great if you live in a tight space, and they would be perfect outdoors if you have a small balcony or outside space like the one below.

Above from ELT Living Walls

The living walls really remind me of the eye catching cactus wall I saw from Instyle Home two years ago. Believe it or not, I still have that issue!

Above from David Tsay

Above close up, my original photography of the magazine page

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