Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sad Cookies

I had been a fan of Ruby Et Violette, a little cookie shop in Hells Kitchen NYC, ever since I tasted their cookies. They have all kinds of flavors, from Champagne & Strawberries, Espresso to Kitchen Sink. I heard of the place from the Oprah show more than 5 years ago and learned of a mother named Wendy Gaynor who opened a cookie shop and donated part of the proceeds from the business to Mount Sinai, where her daughter was treated after a serious accident. The name of the store stands for the name of her two daughters. It was a very touching story - her cookies were good, and I felt good supporting her cause as well. I haven't been there in years and passed by the place a couple of months ago. I was shocked to see that it had a major overhaul. What happened? Change in ownership.

The place isn't what it used to be anymore. While they kept the cookies as is, the meaning behind the shop has been lost. I checked out their new website and there wasn't even information on donations, which I am assuming have been discontinued. More than that, their cookies now cost alot more than what they used to be.

I love the idea of eating good and doing good. I don't think I would feel as good eating Ruby Et Violette's cookies anymore.

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