Monday, August 10, 2009

Ask Martha on Clams

Below is a series of questions I just received from a devoted reader, Clamor Girl, also known as my sister.

Hi Martha,

I purchased 3 doz little neck clams for $10 last night at Fairway. My questions are:

  1. How long can they stay in the fridge for before cooking
  2. Can two people eat three dozens in a sitting?
  3. Would Martha be interested in clam dinner this week?


Clamor Girl

Dear Clamor Girl,

Wow, that sounds like a good deal! I would eat them that same night or the night after at the latest - the fresher, the better! I would not store them for longer than 3-4 days. Cover them loosely under a damp towel in the fridge and indirectly on ice if possible. I am interested in your offer, but I am not sure that they will survive beyond 5 days.

If you don't eat them that same night or night after, check to see if they're still alive before cooking by tapping on the shells that are opened (they're alive if they close upon tapping) or immersing them in water (they're alive if you see bubbles when they breathe).

Sure, two can eat three dozens in one sitting if you're really hungry. It really depends on the preparation - you can make clams casino with a dozen for appetizers, and the rest (or even the entire three dozen) in linguine with clams. If you just want to steam them, you can pretty much use my husband's recipe for steamers (and skip the bay leaf), and make some garlic bread.

I hope I have answered your questions. Enjoy your clam-licious meal!


Martha Fung

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Martha! I will consume them tonight! If Martha comes over this week, we will pick up more clams!
-Clamor Girl