Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Places to Avoid in NYC

This is very unfortunate. A lot of establishments in NYC are now sell outs to popular shows like Sex & the City and the Sopranos. We've seen our share of street closures back in Nolita, my fiance's old neighborhood, for filmings for The Sopranos and The Devil Wears Prada...

...but never have we thought it would come to this. Imagine the shock when my fiance and I paid his old neighborhood bar a visit, and suddenly in comes a flock of women with cameras in hand, all sipping pink hued cosmos in martini glasses. Behold, it was the Sex & the City tour! I was a fan of the show, but have only figured out now that the bar was the backdrop to Steve and Aidan's bar opening.

While some places that were featured in those shows were overrated to begin with (Sushi Samba), others were once true gems (Magnolia Bakery, which by the way, has grown to 3 locations now in NYC).

The tours operate daily during the day, so avoid those places when you see sunlight, and you'll be fine (you should be safe after 8pm).

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