Monday, August 3, 2009

Santorini Pistachio Nut

I recently brought home some roasted pistachio nuts from Santorini. What do they look like? They remind me of Santorini's infamous Red Beach.

Their reddish color isn't much of a surprise given Santorini's abundance of volcanic soil. I wasn't sure what to expect inside though. The only color I'm familiar is green, but they're actually yellow inside!

They definitely don't taste or look like the pistachio nuts in the States. Other than the obvious color, they're skinnier in size. In terms of flavor, they are very fragrant as they are roasted. If you pay close attention, you'll taste what I'd consider a very sophisticated pistachio nut - richer and a tad more intense.


Lee said...

The Pistachios you bought on Santorini weren't grown in Greece. They come from the Middle East, No. Africa or California.

Martha Fung said...

While not a major producer, Greece does produce pistachio nuts of their own. Clearly, the ones I bought were not from CA since they were not green. Perhaps you're suggesting that the packaging misleads buyers by labeling them "Santorini Pistachio Nut."