Monday, August 17, 2009

Kitchen Wish List

I admit, I am picky...somewhat :-)

I can be a picky eater, and I most certainly am picky when it comes to house hunting. Why pay for a house that you won't be happy with?

One of the most important features to me in a house is the kitchen. I truly believe it is the heart of the home. Add to it that I love to cook.

My husband thinks I ask for too much in a kitchen, when in truth, I would be happy with any kitchen with more than a foot of counter space, good ventilation and a cooking range that is not parked right next to a wall. I am done with cooking in tight living quarters where my elbow or pots would hit the wall and your furniture ends up smelling like your food.

So to my husband, who occasionally skims this blog, below is my wish list for a kitchen.


  • Counter space - more than a foot would be a huge upgrade
  • Good ventilation - either a window in the kitchen OR a great hood (not one of those over the range microwave) so we can breathe easy after I fry my spring rolls, and especially on curry night
  • Cooking range not parked next to a wall - it really is more pan and elbow friendly
  • Storage space - for our new kitchen equipment and tools so we don't have to use plastic pull-out drawers anymore


  • A wide and deep sink - for those countless times I do dishes even though our policy is one cooks, another cleans
  • An island - yeah right, I can keep on dreaming

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