Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Twist on the Traditional Roast Pork ("Cha Siu")

My brother-in-law has been a devoted outdoor cook ever since he got his grill, and he didn't stop there - he had a thirst for more. So last week, he was excited and proud to unveil the smoker, his latest outdoor cooking appliance acquisition. I was joking that all he needed outside now is a sink, a countertop and fridge to complete his collection. I think I saw the wheels turn inside his head when I said that.

On the smoker grand opening menu that day was a spin on the traditional Chinese Roast Pork ("Cha siu" 叉燒). Cha Siu isn't smoked, so it was an interesting take. After my brother-in-law marinated the pork butt meat with cha siu sauce, he smoked it for about 2 hours. He also basted the meat with a honey concoction during smoking to get that sweet, luscious gloss.

The smokiness was quite intense. In fact, the taste stayed in my mouth long after I had a piece of Cha Siu. I wished the meat was fattier to stand up to the cooking. I think fattier meats would work very well with the smoker. I would be interested in smoked ribs or salmon next time.

They're making a trip to one of the capitals of barbeque soon. I bet they'll come back with lots of inspiration.

All photos courtesy of Martha's sister.

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