Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Guest Book Ideas

I'm looking for a non-traditional guest book idea. There are tons out there these days. Of the weddings I've been to, I had the most fun with my friend's video guest book...with alcohol, you're almost guaranteed lots of surprises.

Traditionally, guests sign on a huge red cloth at Chinese banquets. Ideally, I would like something I can look back to easily and something a lot more fun. On top of that, we're not having a banquet, another reason we're not taking that route. Here are some ideas I've been eyeing and what I think are their positives and negatives:

Photobooth Guest Book
Pros: Entertaining fun for guests. Chance to be silly. Instant gratification. No camera man needed.
Cons: Expensive! Chance of guests hogging up the booth while others wait.

Above, from Weddingbee

Polaroid Guest Book
Pros: Same advantages as a photobooth, but more economical.
Cons: Polaroid guest book kits can be a rip off. Camera man needed. Photos can fade through time.
Polaroid will stop manufacturing their instant cameras and film :-(

Above, from Adesso

Wine/Champagne Bottle
Pros: Perfect for vineyard and French-themed weddings. Add extra meaning by getting a vintage from the year you and your fiance met.
Cons: Breakage. Surface area of a standard size bottle may be okay for a small wedding; a larger wedding dictates a magnum or several standard size bottles.

Above, from Style Me Pretty

Pros: Cute.
Cons: This idea from Martha Stewart suggests getting a long roll of paper and a typewriter from a flea market. Seriously?

Above, from Martha Stewart

Wishing Tree
Pros: Adds a striking element to the wedding decor.
Cons: Extra work when you take those wishes down at the end of the night.

Above, from Martha Stewart

There're lots more...like a picture frame with a signature mat built in (I'm not a big fan of a bunch of John Hancocks around my face)...a photo book you make online (similar to signing a year book; the horror, the horror!), etc.

What to do, what to do?

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