Thursday, September 4, 2008

"I'm Missing the Bride Gene"

...I said to my fiance, who responded with "thank god." He equates having the bride gene with being a bridezilla. While that may be partially true, I have not embraced the whole wedding planning process with overflowing joy or excitement - I believe these two are also characteristics of having the bride gene.

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Wedding planning has been mind-boggling...every thing from looking for vendors, attire, politics, expenses, and sometimes the frustration in working with my fiance in all of this. Add to that the year and a half I've had to plan and second guess EVERYTHING along the way. Every thing seemed like a chore. The small part I've enjoyed so far has been surfing the web for ideas and inspirations in my own (quiet) time. However, the costs of bringing these ideas to reality swallow up any small moments of joy I've had.

A friend told me that I need an enzyme to activite the bride gene, with the enzyme being reading wedding blogs. Sadly, I have been doing that already on a daily basis...and no activation. Perhaps the key is just to stop second guessing, let go of all my worries & fears of the mind-boggling details...nevermind the costs (yeah right) and just embrace the wedding planning process wholeheartedly, all without unleashing the bridezilla of course.

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