Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to Fold an Origami Paper Crane

This is the craziest post I've done...folding and holding a crane in one hand, and a camera in another. This is the kind of anal-retentiveness that got into being an anal-yst!

Anyways, below are the step-by-step instructions.

  • Top row - Start out with a square piece of paper. Fold by half from the upper right hand corner to the lower left into a triangle. Make a smaller triangle by pulling the upper left hand corner to the lower right.
  • Bottom row - Open up the inside by one end and flatten into a square (just line up the crease to the corner). Then flip it around so you can repeat that step. Details to come...

  • This is what it should look like up close when you've flipped it around:

  • To repeat what you've done on the other side, open up the inside:

  • It is easiest if you line up the outside edges...:

  • ...and make a crease along the inside edge:

  • Flatten it out by pulling the top down, and line up the corners:

  • Make creases on the right and left sides:

Here it becomes more complicated. Ready?

  • Top row - The first one on the left is what you should have after making those creases. Open up the top flap. Start with the right hand side - line up the inside edges. Line that up all along the bottom and the top of the flap. If you can't follow, I have some close ups to come that may help...

  • Bottom row - Repeat that step for the left side. Then flip it over.

  • Here're the details to lining up the inside edge - line up the bottom, then the top flap (line up the edge to the middle crease for the top flap):

  • Don't be afraid to flatten it out; this is probably easier to see the inside edges and line up to the middle crease:

  • After you've repeated that on the left hand side and the opposite side as well, this is what you should have:

  • Make sure you have the right side up - pull down the upper flap; if you see an an upside down triangle, you're good. That upside down triangle is the back or hump of the crane.

  • Top row - The first below is the starting position. Begin on the right hand side, line up the outer edge on the bottom half to the inner edge. Make a crease for the new outside edge.
  • Bottom row - Repeat what you've done on the right hand side to the left hand side. Flip it over and repeat.

  • Below on the left is what you should have after making all 4 folds.
  • Then pull the flap on the right side to the left. Flip and repeat.

  • After pulling those flaps around, you should now see the back or the hump of the crane facing you.
  • Next, pull the bottom flap up and make a fold on the bottom edge. Flip the crane-to-be over to the opposite side.

  • Below on the left is what you should see after you've flipped it over.
  • Repeat pulling the bottom flap up and make a crease to make a new bottom edge.

  • Working with that same bottom flap that has been pulled up, get a good grip with one hand...

  • you can use your other hand to get the flap on the right hand side over to your left:

  • This is what it should look like after you've done it for the flip side as well, so now you have two wings, with one of them facing you:

  • Between the wings, you'll find either its head or tail. Pull one of them out; make a crease on the bottom so that what you're pulling out will stay in place:

  • Repeat for the other side; now you'll see a head-to-be and a tail:

  • Pick a side for its head. I like to make a crease with my finger nail:

  • Fold it in where you see a crease in the middle:

  • Flatten it out at the top with 2 fingers; make sure you make the crane's head tilting up near a 90 degree angle so you have a proud bird:

Voila! You have now one happy crane!

I plan to use the cranes I've made at my wedding, but you can certainly make one for your loved one just because. I'm sure they'll be impressed. Or you can make 1,000 of these and make a wish!

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