Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bobby's Burger Palace - "Fluffi-fied"

My sister and I were in NJ and decided to check out Bobby's Burger Palace to see what the almost always crowded restaurant was all about. Having tried their deliciously sinful milkshake a couple of weeks ago, I was naturally filled with high hopes for their burgers. I was pleased to see on their menu the traditional (classic) burger and a list of inventive ones, all offered in beef, chicken breast or turkey. The inventive burgers ranging in the style of Philadelphia, L.A., Miami, etc., the "crunchified" option and the colorful condiments on the table got my appetite going, but I wasn't fooled by all that fluff.

This time around, I ordered their Mango milkshake, and unlike my last visit, it came in no time. It was good - I expected no less. Again, I recommend sharing it, and I was glad I shared it with my sister. Sadly, the milkshake was the highlight of my meal. My fries came just lukewarm. Of course they were - they fried them ahead of time like they do at McDonald's and sat them on plates at the open kitchen counter for all to see. The mayo (it was either red pepper or chipotle) served with the fries was a bit runny.

And now, the burger. I had the Napa Valley Turkey Burger with goat cheese, watercress and meyer lemon honey mustard. I was quick to rescue my burger from getting soggy on a pool of mustard sauce when it arrived. As you will see, I crunchified the burger (added potato chips between the layers). It brought back the days when I would put fries in my McD's Filet-O-Fish for an added crunch. I must say that adding the crunchified option onto my burger tipped me from feeling full to gross by the end of the meal. That aside, I thought there was too much goat cheese (see a big glob of it sliding down?) and the meat itself was on the dry side.

My sister had the L.A. burger, which came with avocado relish, watercress, cheddar cheese and tomato. She's not a picky eater, and she wasn't impressed. The only thing she thoroughly enjoyed was one of the four condiments on the table - the Chipotle Ketchup.

Overall, I thought it was an average experience. The condiments lifted up my experience by a small notch. So, who wants a taste of the Flay at less than $10? Not me (for burgers anyways)!

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