Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who Says Packing Tape has to be Boring?

While I was doing wedding research months ago, I came across packing tape with lace imprints that brides used on their favor boxes. It had both function and style. The lace caught my eye since I love patterns - the lace was prominent, yet it let the color of the box peek through. The idea of patterned tape totally inspired me to dress up my plain ol'packing tape.

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I had some purple paper scraps left over that I had saved from our wedding (yes, I've been called a pack rat), so I used my fancy paper puncher to cut out shapes, and sprinkled them on the sticky side of the tape. Again, using the boxes I had saved from the thank you cards we bought, I put in my items to be mailed and sealed them with my home-made pretty tape.

I may be a pack rat, but I do it for mother earth. No extra trees were killed in the process!

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