Friday, October 2, 2009

How to Avoid a Rookie Mistake with Soup Dumplings

I burned my mouth on Joe's Shanghai's soup dumplings last week, and my mouth is still paying the price. It was all worth it, but I will definitely stick to my strategy by the book next time and resist the temptation of immediately devouring the dumplings. Just to clarify a bit, I am by no means a rookie when it comes to eating soup dumplings!

Here's my strategy to eating these soup filled dumplings:

  1. Wait up to a minute after the piping hot dumplings arrive at your table
  2. Place the dumpling onto a spoon to catch any soup that may escape; navigate the dumpling with chopsticks
  3. Drizzle black vinegar on the dumpling
  4. Bite the top of the dumpling (not the side) to release the steam and to keep the soup within the dumpling
  5. Take a small sip of soup from the opening to test the dumpling's temperature
  6. Proceed to biting into the dumpling
I hope my tips will save you lots of pain. Have a happy Friday!

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