Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chinese Food Snob

Yes, I am a Chinese food snob, but only because I know what real Chinese food is. While I'm a fan of Martha Stewart, I raised my eyebrow when she and Lucinda Scala Quinn cooked Chinese food, or shall I say, American Chinese food. Their demonstration of potstickers and broccoli with oyster sauce a few days ago may pass the American Chinese food standard, but not mine.

My beef with their potstickers is that they were anemic - we use more filling than that. Were they afraid they couldn't seal the dumplings or is budget tight on the show? Also, boiling them before you brown them in a pan (as opposed to just cooking them in a pan with no boiling involved) results in a less desirable dumpling texture. And broccoli with oyster sauce? When we make greens, they are either sauteed with garlic or blanched then drizzled with oyster sauce - we don't make any brown sauce.

Image from Martha Stewart

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