Monday, October 12, 2009

Martha's Favs Mondays: Tongs

I have to say that tongs are the second most hard working tool in my kitchen (with the first being my silicone spatula). They're very useful for handling meat and for cooking pasta in a pan. For example, you can easily flip a piece of chicken breast in a pan with perfect control. You can also treat them as another pair of hands to keep your hands clean - use them to drench meat in flour & egg to create a coating or crust, and most importantly, use them to avoid cross contamination when dealing with raw meat. Here's another application I haven't tried but have seen on TV: use the handles for squeezing citrus.
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The Oxo stainless steel tongs work perfectly for me. I have absolutely no complaints. However, I am looking to make another addition to the tongs family with a silicone head version that won't hurt my non-stick or stainless steel pans. Should I or shouldn't I?

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