Friday, December 12, 2008

What I Would Do for Our Wedding

Gotta take a break from talking endlessly about dim, I don't think I've talked about wedding stuff for a while now.

Well, I didn't only return to the States with a couple of extra pounds from all that eating; the extra weight also came from carrying a pretty heavy equipment. I'm hoping what I brought back won't give me a sense of false hope, but my cousin swears by this baby. Behold, it's the magnetic hula hoop!

I was never good at the hula hoop, but I took my cousin's magnetic hoop for a spin and actually got it to go around me 5 times. That's more than I've ever done before! It's supposed to help strengthen your abs while loosing weight. It's heavy, with these supposedly magnetic knobs inside the hoop. It hurts and bruises beginners, but my cousin said that it gets better when you get used to it.

The hoop is detachable. I used one less attachment to make the hoop smaller and easier for me to use. I started this a week ago and definitely got bruised. What I found was that it not only bruises your waist, but also your other body parts when you're unsuccessful and it falls on perhaps your feet! Yes, this is the length I would go just to look good for our wedding. Sigh.

While I'm no where near as good (or as graceful at hula hooping) as my cousin, who can do this non-stop for an hour, I'm crossing my fingers that it works. I'll let you know!

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