Sunday, December 28, 2008

Street Foods

We ate constantly in Hong Kong...dim sum in the afternoon, snacks before dinner and dessert after dinner. There were plenty to snack on on the streets of HK. We had fish balls and mini egg cakes during our trip.

Fish Balls (魚蛋)

I've had plenty of fish balls before, but none in curry sauce like these my cousin recommeneded from a popular vendor with a store front on the street in Causeway Bay. They were cheap and satisfying.

Fish balls kissed by curry sauce

Inside of the fish ball looks pretty dense; they are supposed to have bounce when you bite into them

Other snacks you can get there include various innards, sausages and dumplings. With almost everything at less than $1 USD a pop, it ain't bad at all.

The obviously busy vendor of hot snacks

Mini Egg Cakes (雞蛋仔)

These sweet little pillows of goodness are made from a batter made mainly out of eggs. I've been a fan of these ever since I was little. These ones we got were particularly good. Imagine biting into a thin, crispy exterior and a warm, airy, soft and almost creamy interior! Yum.

A batch of freshly made mini egg cakes

A soft and warm interior

Other than mini egg cakes, the vendor also makes coconut egg rolls (椰絲捲) and waffles (雞蛋餅).

The mini egg cake vendor handles making 4 at once; they're sold in bundles

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