Friday, December 5, 2008

Paper Source Love

I window shop a lot in Paper Source - in their store and online. They have stores in practically all the major cities except for NYC. They have such a nice selection of everything, from paper, rubber stamps, invitations, gifts to greeting cards.

Lately, I've been looking at their rubber stamp collection, with their lovely display of little samples of papers that have been stamped and embossed. I love how they show you what you can do with their products - that somehow makes me feel less lost in a paper and crafts store.

Above all, I love the wacky lady who shows you project ideas through video on their website. She's so funny and entertaining. You can tell she's not a neat freak or a control freak. This is a nice thing because it's good to know that you don't have to be precise to be a crafter.

Above, image from Paper Source

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