Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Food at All Price Points in Hong Kong

I was amazed at the price and quality of food in Hong Kong. You can choose to pay up or pay down, but either way, you can't go wrong most of the time. Here are some examples on the lower end:

A 10-course meal for 15 people for less than $200 USD. There was sharks fin soup, fresh steamed fish, yummy chicken, stir fried seafood, etc...

A double-decker Filet-0-Fish sandwich from McDonald's for $18 HKD, which is roughly $2 USD.

A loaf of Green Tea Red Bean Bread for $15 HKD (roughly $2 USD). Can you believe it? It was a whole loaf about 12 inches long, enough to feed at least 3-4 people for breakfast. You can't get that variety of flavor or the price here in the States.

Amazing variety of bread and bargain

A serving of 5 fish balls for $5 HKD (roughly $0.60 USD)

A bowl of wonton noodles for roughly $2 USD.

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