Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Found it!

We went to a Japanese restaurant called Douzo during our culinary journey in Boston this past weekend. The only reason we went there was to look for the sake that my fiance had raved about the last time he was there. He thought he found a similar one at a local wine store that I blogged about a while ago, but that wasn't quite it.

Douzo was nice and pretty huge. The decor was modern, and looked like it would belong in midtown Manhattan. It was one of those places that catered to the business crowd - good for unwinding at the bar after a hard day at work, or to singles - good for picking up hotties (a total meat/meet market.) The waitstaff was mostly Asian and dressed in all black. And of course I was mistaken for one of them!

Anyways, my fiance couldn't find the sake he was looking for on the menu, so we needed some help from our waitress. When asked by the waitress what the bottle looked like, he responded with "it had a cartoon character on the label." I thought that was odd. When the bottle came, this was what I saw:

Not quite a cartoon character I thought (I was expecting happy cartoons type of thing), but more like the devil, illustrated in bright red. Anyways, it was Nigori Genshu Sake from the Murai Family, served chilled, and described as having hints of coconut and vanilla. It had a milky texture because it was unfiltered sake. Sadly, I did not like it, and still didn't like it even after we added cucumber slices. Interestingly, the sake tasted like bananas after we added the cucumber. My fiance happily finished almost the whole bottle himself.

Other than the sake, we had a spider roll and spicy yellowtail roll (this was a late-night snack). The soft shell crab in the spider roll was barely warm (doubt it was fried to order), and the rice in the roll was not evenly distributed. The spicy yellowtail was okay. Overall, the rolls were average, but I did appreciate the fact that the seaweed in the rolls was not chewy at all. If the seaweed were chewy, I'd rate the place below average.

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