Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Neat Surprise at Target

I don't venture into Target often (because most of the time it's a zoo there), but we had to do some minor wedding research there this weekend. I stumbled upon their wedding invitations corner...what a neat surprise!

They had boxed sets of letterpress invitations that you can buy and print at home for a pretty reasonable price. Whoever was in charge of this idea at Target is right on...letterpress is all the rage, and certainly not accessible for everyone because they are very costly.

The boxed sets come with invitations and response cards that have designs in letterpress. It's up to you to match the colors on your home printer. The quality of the paper and impressions weren't top notch of course, but their designs were very modern and their packagings were very attractive.

all images from Target

Not bad huh. I was so very very tempted...too bad I'm getting multi-language invitations.

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Anonymous said...

Multi-language style is achievable with these cards too... just more work. I picked up a few boxes at Target as well, but ended up using them as menu cards instead.