Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unidentified Flying Chicken

Yup, that's the name of the Korean fried chicken joint. My fiance and I tried out Bon Chon about a month ago and we wanted to see if UFC deserves the five drumsticks rated by New York Magazine vs. Bon Chon's 2 drumsticks rating. So this weekend, we went to check out what UFC is all about.

UFC is located in Queens, the hub for many Korean fried chicken joints. The decor at UFC is modern and their logo is a cool cartoon chicken - this place was definitely hipper than the Bon Chon we went to in New Jersey. The menu at UFC is more extensive than Bon Chon - the wings come in 4 flavors (soy garlic, hot, spicy mustard and sweet & spicy) and the choice of sides goes beyond radish (salad, coleslaw). Also on the menu are french fries and paninis.

Unlike what we did at Bon Chon, we ordered the UFC chicken to go. However, we wanted to compare them on equal playing field, so we had a wing each while they were piping hot. We had ordered half of the wings in soy garlic and the other half hot (they were just a tad hot; very tolerable). The UFC wings tasted sweeter than Bon Chon, and the drumsticks were a bit juicier as well. It met my expectations in taste and non-greasiness.

We had the rest of the wings the next day after re-heating them in the oven. Surprisingly, oil dripped out of the wings after we took them out of the oven. I did not expect that given that I thought they were not greasy at all - perhaps this was chili oil. I didn't mind it at all though as they were still very tasty. They weren't as crispy as the day before, but I didn't mind that at all either.

After much deliberation, we concluded that we did not agree with the huge difference in rating between UFC and Bon Chon given by New York Magazine. Perhaps UFC should be rated at half a drumstick more than Bon Chon because of their juicer meat, but based on taste alone, the difference in rating should not be as wide as 4 drumsticks.

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