Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What about the Groom?

Yeah, what about him.

Sure, he's an essential part of the wedding, but grooms are usually the silent partner in wedding planning, no? I hope mine isn't, but all the women I talked to who've been there tell me that it's better that they don't get involved. Whether he is or not, let's face it, there's not alot of pictures or resources out there to inspire grooms.

So in the past couple of days, I've been gathering tons of pictures to give my fiance an idea of the looks out there. He doesn't want to wear a tux + bow tie or jacket + khakis, so I skipped looking at those. Hopefully after this he will have a better idea of what he wants to wear on our day and the attire for his groomsmen. It took me a while to go through my daily reads (many many blogs). The following is an abridged version, with all photos from The Bride's Cafe:

photography from Amy Squires, Fred Egan, Aaron Delesie, Boutwell Studio, Carrie Patterson, Jasmine Star

What will it be? Black pinstripe suit? Grey suit? Grey pinstripe suit? Tux?

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