Thursday, July 10, 2008

Move Over Colonel Sanders

Make room for a whole new breed of fried chicken chains from Korea. A good majority of them are located in Queens, but they have been expanding to the other boroughs and even New Jersey. There's Unidentified Flying Chickens, Kyochon, Bonbon Chicken, Kyedong, Bon Chon Chicken (the only one I've tried out so far), and so on. This recent New York Magazine article breaks them down pretty good. Oh, as if the names aren't creative enough, we passed by a place called Boom Boom Chicken.

image from Bon Chon Chicken

My first Bon Chon Chicken experience in New Jersey did not disappoint. This is not your ordinary fried chicken place. In fact, it's a whole new experience than the fried chicken joints you're used to - the setting, the flavors, the crunchy exterior, everything. All wings are made to order, so expect to wait 20 minutes to get your finger licking good chicken. They offer two flavors: garlic soy and spicy.

I had their garlic soy chicken wings and was pleasantly surprised by the light but tasty sauce on the chicken that did not make the skin soggy at all. The sauce was sweet but salty at the same time. The skin was crunchy, not a bit greasy at all, and the meat was moist. However, the meat did not have much chicken taste. All orders come with a side of pickled radishes, which you will need to clean your palate so you can consume more wings.

One down, many more other chains to go!

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