Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easy Bone Marrow

If you're cooking for carnivores who would eat any cut of meat (like my husband), have I found something easy and greasy for you and your loved ones. My husband salivates every time he sees bone marrow in the supermarket. I've never made it for him, but I thought it was never too late to start.

I turned to Martha Stewart for a bone marrow recipe. It was so easy, simple and fast. Just be careful when taking it out of the oven as the grease bubbles and splatters. You can see that we used a kitchen towel in our photo above.

My husband really enjoyed the freshness from the parsley and lemon, and the kick from the horseradish in the gremolata.
Toast is the classic accompaniment to soak up the greasy goodness (you spread the marrow like butter onto the toast), but on that night, my husband devoured the marrow with some crackers, a fennel orange salad and baked ziti. The pasta was more for me since I'm not a carnivore.

Let me end this post with a recommendation: moderation is key, so I would not serve this to your loved ones too often.

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