Monday, April 12, 2010

Asparagus "Fettuccine"

It's only early spring and the temperature had hit the 80's already...time for a light dinner! Since asparagus is in season, I went hunting for an asparagus recipe. I found a couple of recipes that shaved the vegetable into thin delicate ribbons and paired them with parmesan cheese. I love roasted asparagus, but I was also interested in trying it raw.

Raw asparagus tastes surprisingly smoky on its own, but my husband couldn't tell the difference between cooked vs. raw after I assembled the Asparagus "Fettuccine." For the dish, I shaved the asparagus into thin strips (taking care not to take the first strip, which is purely skin), tossed them with some lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil (organic olive oil we bought in Greece!) and salt & pepper. A couple of sprinkles of parmesan cheese finished the dish.

It was a refreshing dish, but I will definitely use more lemon juice next time to wake up the flavors. I served the fettuccine with a savory bread pudding. The entire meal can be a great brunch too!

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