Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Belgian Fries Fix

I love fries, especially Belgian fries. A, because they're thick cut. B, because of the variety of dipping sauces, including my favorite Sundried Tomato Mayo at Pommes Frites in NYC. There's no replacement for Pommes Frites in Stamford, so the next best thing is healthier fries I make at home - oven fries with spicy mayo.

The spicy mayo is actually the same one I use in my sardines sandwich. The spiciness comes from sriracha (thai chili sauce), which also adds a hint of garlic goodness.

My husband liked it on the fries so much that he almost licked the bowl where I served the mayo. If you're worried about fat, feel free to use light mayo - I can't tell the difference between full fat and low fat mayo. But I wouldn't worry about fat when used with healthier fries! Check out the recipes here for
oven fries and spicy mayo.

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