Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coffee Cream Filled Donuts

We went to Stew Leonard's again and my husband just couldn't walk away from their cider donut holes. So, instead of dipping them into hot chocolate like I did last time with the leftovers, I decided to test out our new KitchenAid Hand Mixer and whip up some coffee flavored cream. I piped the cream into these little babies after warming them in the oven, making it into one delicious and sinful dessert.

It was pretty easy and I got it done within 5 minutes. Here's what I did to make the cream, enough to fill over half of the donut holes:

Coffee Flavored Whipped Cream
1/4C heavy cream
1/4 tsp instant coffee crystals
1 tsp sugar

Beat the cream with the instant coffee in a bowl until the crystals are dissolved. Add the sugar and continue beating until the cream increases in volume and is at a soft peak. Be careful not to over beat the mixture or it will turn into butter.

I'm planning to use any left over cream in hot chocolate. Yum!

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