Friday, January 29, 2010

Presentation, Presentation

I like pretty things that are functional as well. Like this plate I got from Crate & Barrel - it has clean, straight lines, translating into such a modern design. They call it the sushi plate, but I knew I could use it for more than that. Plus, the sale price was right.

When I saw it, I imagined using it for my spring rolls or dumplings like I did here. Last weekend, I used this plate for some homemade Vietnamese summer rolls. Among other things the plate can hold are condiments. The 3 slots built into the plate means I don't have to look for 3 little bowls for dipping - perfect for something spicy, salty and vinegary.

Here, I have sriracha (thai chili sauce), soy & vinegar dipping sauce and (I know this isn't Asian, but I love them) cornichons. In place of cornichons, pickled carrots and turnip would be perfect, and very Chinese. Having such a pretty and functional plate to use felt pretty special, even if it's just lunch.

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