Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why are Some Florists Against Fruit Centerpieces?

I really don't know. Difference in artistic opinion perhaps.

I think fruits are a nice alternative to floral centerpieces and can look nice and classy too. Unlike flowers, fruits can be pretty if arranged nicely with flowers tucked in here and there, and they serve a real function too - you can eat them! I spent a lot of time looking for all the images I can find as examples, but it may look like we won't be doing any of them for our wedding.

Sorry I don't remember all the sources. Some are from Michelle Rago and Laura Novak.

In any case, they are nice centerpieces for entertaining. Guests can even bring them home!

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Local Florists said...

nice one buddy,i too feel the same sometimes.i think the people don't want to think the other way by just using fruits in place of flowers,if we eat them they gonna finish!!