Monday, August 11, 2008


If you recall, I had a very brief one liner on Financier from my Macarons round up a while ago. A few days ago, I had a macaron craving and I was right by Financier...needless to say, I couldn't stop myself.

The Financier macaron variety pack

After having their macarons (these are French almond cookies) again, I continue to stand by what I had said before - their macarons are just okay. The outer crust lacks the sheen that was common with the macarons I had from Laduree in Paris. However, you definitely taste the buttercream in Financier's macarons.

This time around though, there was a new tasty macaron in the variety pack - it was encrusted with coconut flakes; the inside was filled with a refreshing lemon (I think) buttercream. This was not a traditional French macaron, but I liked it for its originality and flavor.

A bite inside a macaron encrusted with coconut flakes from Financier

Aside from macarons, Financier is a great French bakery. I didn't care for carrot cake, but Financier's carrot muffin (which was essentially a mini carrot cake) changed my mind. I love love love their brownies...they are so silky smooth and rich (I had a big wow moment at my very first bite into their brownie). I also love the wide variety of their baked goods...I would often go home with either their fine pastries or cakes for birthday celebrations. Other than baked goods, I salivate over their warm Le Financier sandwich, which is made of grilled chicken, artichokes, roasted tomato and goat cheese. Like I tell everyone, I've never had anything bad there!

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