Sunday, March 28, 2010

Takashimaya is Closing :-(

I'm so sad to see the recent announcement from Takashimaya that it will be closing in June. Takashimaya is a specialty Japanese department store in NYC that sells unique gifts, extremely beautiful flowers, jewelry, clothing, and most of all, tea. I first learned of this store when my husband brought me there many years ago to buy loose tea from their wide selection that ranged from the classic Japanese Genmaicha (toasted rice and popcorn), Rose tea, to our favorite, Mango tea, which we still have today.

is like eye candy for me. I feel like I've walked into a museum every single time. And like most museums, you can retreat to their cafe/restaurant (called the Tea Box) when you get tired from wandering the place.

I will definitely miss this store, but I will always have the memories of going there, holding hands with with my husband, walking
into this gem that welcomes you with the sight of beautiful, fragrant flowers.


Kate said...

So I have a bag of that Takashimaya Rose tea that I found in my apt. lucky for me a previous renter left it behind. My biggest problem is that I didn't know the store was closing and now I live in Utah, of all places. Do you know of any way I can get more tea or do you know of a store in NYC that I can get a similar tea from? I love it more than anything and desperately need more.

Martha Fung said...

Hi Kate, Ito En would be an option - they are a Japanese tea specialist. I've also heard Tien Ren's tea is good as well. Besides the Asian stores, one of my favorite places in NYC is Alice's Tea Cup. It's a great place for light fare and tea. You can get a wide range of loose tea from their several locations. Another one of my favs (in Boston) is Tealuxe. They have an impressive tea list as well, and I think they have an online store as well. Hope this helps!