Friday, March 26, 2010

Finding the Magic Number on Our Waffle Iron

My husband was craving waffles, so we cracked open our new waffle iron (thanks sis!). Our waffle iron isn't the popular professional looking one from Waring that my brother has; it's the Villaware that Alton Brown recommended. We started with a basic waffle recipe that my brother is a fan of to figure out which setting on our waffle iron would make the best color and texture. We had tried out Alton Brown's waffle recipe a while ago and decided not to use that one because we wanted a lighter waffle with less richness.

We started off with the number 4 setting, but it didn't produce the golden brown color (above). After 2 more waffles, we came to the conclusion that 5 and a half was the perfect setting for us (below).

On one of our recent trips to Whole Foods, we stumbled upon rock sugar sold in bulk. Immediately, my husband became excited at the prospect of making Gaufres de Liege, Belgian waffle's cousin, because the rock sugar resembles Belgian pearl sugar that's used in Gaufres de Liege. Making Gaufres de Liege is far more intricate than making the plain ol'Belgian waffles that are topped with fruit/whipped cream/syrup combo. I guess the last Gaufres de Liege my brother and I made were pretty memorable for my husband. We'll definitely be attempting that next with our waffle iron.

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