Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prune, Cure for Hangovers

Prune is a place for adventurous eaters and for those not afraid of heart attacks, for sure. We've been to Prune for dinner, but never wanted to put up with the crazy line at brunch. Finally, we sucked it up and checked it out for their famous brunch. We were rewarded with a tasty brunch and a good look at Gabrielle Hamilton, the fearless chef who created such inventive items on her bold brunch menu, which ranged from deep fried sandwiches (Monte Cristo) to coddled egg with chicken.

I started off with a Classic Bloody Mary, out of what must have been 10 other kinds of bloody marys on their cocktail menu. I thought it was fine (only because I'm biased towards the one from Public). It was the first time though, that I had a beer chaser with a bloody mary. It worked, but I'll skip being all liquored up next time.

I decided that I wasn't going to order anything "normal" like their Classic Eggs Benedict or pancakes, so instead, I went for the Fried Oyster Omelette with Remoulade Sauce. Soon, I realized I was having a brunch perfect for a hangover...bloody mary, something fried or greasy (Note: I did not have a hangover). The Fried Oyster Omelette may have sounded strange (and also looked strange since it was just a huge fried oyster sandwiched between egg), but it was a surprisingly good combination. The crispiness of the batter was a nice contrast to the creaminess of the oyster and softness of the egg. On top of that, I could tell that the egg was perfectly cooked when it jiggled softly instead of landing with a thud when the plate was placed on my table. It was the best egg, ever. I didn't understand the combination of powdered sugar with hot sauce though.

Overall, I thought the portions could have been a tad bigger. We're not into supersizing our food, but my husband certainly wasn't full from his Sausages & Oysters, even though he was given two thick slices of toast suffocated with butter. His homemade lamb sausage was smaller than the palm of my hand. In the end, I thought Prune failed on the price to portions wasn't wallet friendly and portions could be larger.

The bottom line is that I would return to Prune in the future when I feel like having an inventive brunch for special occasions...or for a hangover cure.

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