Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays: Traditional Greek Eats

Surprisingly, I didn't eat as much as I had expected on our honeymoon in Greece. With all the exploring and airport delays, we didn't have much time. We typically had big breakfasts, light afternoon snacks and traditionally late Greek dinners. The late dinners totally ruined my normal diet - I basically went to bed with a full stomach.

You really can't go wrong in Greece with food. We went to some random restaurants in Greece, and didn't have any inedible food. There may be some unmemorable dishes, but we had some generally good food. You name it, we had it in Greece:

  • Souvlaki - Almost always served with french fries. I had a perfectly done Chicken Souvlaki in Santorini; it wasn't overcooked and was quite tasty.

  • Gyro - I've never had a gyro with french fries inside before. It is always served with french fries inside if you ask for everything in Greece. The one I had in Mykonos (where everything is expensive) was tasty and surprisingly reasonably priced.

  • Greek Yogurt - I will never go back to the yogurt in the States! Greek yogurt is thicker, tangy and so rich in milk taste. I simply drizzled it with honey and loved every spoon of it for breakfast. I'll leave out descriptions on its fat content.

  • Stuffed Vine Leaves - I've always had it cold with mushy rice inside, but had a warm version in Athens served with a yogurt dill sauce which I loved loved loved! The rice wasn't mushy at all, and it was wonderfully fragrant with the use of dill.

  • Eggplant Dip - They really love their eggplant. This one I had in Athens was tasty but was very garlicky though.

  • Spinach Pie - Very fragrant with the use of herbs. I only wished the crust was thicker.

  • Taramosalata (carp roe dip) - It wasn't overly salty like the one I had from Snack in NYC. I really enjoyed this one I had in Santorini.

Surprisingly, a lot of seafood is frozen (vs. fresh) in Greece. Most restaurants would note the items that have been frozen on their menu; they're mostly octopus and prawns. This is probably because it's rather hot in Greece. If you're dining by the water though, you can have their fresh catches.

All in all, I didn't have one bad meal in Greece. My husband said though that there was no difference between Greek food in Greece vs. that in the States. I haven't had enough Greek food in the States to attest to that, but from what I've had so far in the States, I can agree.

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