Friday, July 10, 2009

Wagamama (Round II)

My husband (I was going to say fiance!) and I stopped by the Prudential Center before he moved out of Boston and we were quite surprised to find a new Wagamama there. I'd rather go to this location vs. their Faneuil one. This new location has so much more room, better lighting, and was closer to his apartment (and Anthropologie!).

I ordered my favorite Seafood Ramen again. I simply love the combination of seafood in there: shrimp, salmon, baramundi and squid. It is tasty and quite a value compared to other places that charge a similar price for soup noodles.

My husband ordered the Ebi Kare Lomen, which is a spicy soup noodle with lemongrass, coconut milk, shrimp and chicken. It was average; I felt the soup needed some more cooking time for the flavors to blend - it had that soup made from powder texture.

You may come out of the place smelling like food (they have an open kitchen), but I would go back any time to try out other items on their menu.

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