Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shrimp Dumplings

I had some delicious shrimp dumplings at 賓 in Chinatown NYC (sorry I don't have its name in English). Doesn't this make your mouth water?

It was pan fried for a crispy exterior. Your mouth simply waters when you hit the flavorful, warm shrimp and chives filling. It was so delicious that I tried to replicate it at home.

My version didn't look all that bad, did it? I made a batch of at least a dozen, and my husband finished them all within a week!

I followed one of Ming Tsai's recipes for these dumplings, but had to make some changes because I found the filling to be (surprisingly) flavorless. His recipe needed more chives and soy sauce. I'll share it with you when I can get to my cooking book in one of my husband's moving boxes.

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