Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays: Not So Traditional Greek Eats

My husband and I love eating local food when we travel, both traditional and non-traditional. We had the most non-traditional Greek eats in Santorini, one of our honeymoon stops in Greece. We had some of the most inventive presentations and flavors while staying there. I don't eat much Greek food in the States, and have never had New-Greek food, so I was pleasantly surprised by our meals there.

Here are some of the more inventive ones we had in Santorini:

  • Octopus Carpaccio with Smoked White Eggplant Salad - Isn't the representation just stunning? Thinly sliced octopus tentacles rested on top of a dome-shaped bed of white eggplant, which is native to the island. The tough texture common in octopus was changed by thinly slicing it. The dish was tangy (a bit tangy for my husband), smoky and fresh, a perfect appetizer.

Selene's Octopus Carpaccio

  • Sea Urchin Salad - Sea Urchin on grilled artichoke with fava cream and scallops with lemon foam. The dish was not "hit you over the head wow", but it was very nice.

Selene's Sea Urchin Salad

  • Greek (or Santorini - forgot) Spiced Red Mullet with Sweet Olives and Bloody Mary Sorbet. I've never had sweet olives before. I must say, it was quite good! Overall though, the dish was just okay.

Restaurant 1800's Red Mullet

If you find yourself in Santorini, I'd recommend Selene in Fira. We liked 4 out of 5 dishes we had - not bad odds huh. Just don't order the Monkfish and Langoustine with Traditional Pasta - while it was tasty, the Langoustine was clearly not fresh. BUT I was willing to overlook that dish based on the incredible view and delicious dessert (cheese on puff pastry with sweet capers and sweet tomato).

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