Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I try my best to help the earth, but I am by no means a tree hugger. I've been spoiled by beautiful sunsets almost every day when I look out my window, and I fear this won't last because of what human beings are doing that could destroy the earth.

Here're the three major things I practice without being overly obsessive, and if you don't have a habit of doing them, please start:

  • Recycle paper. This is not just tying up old newspaper for trash collection. Be conscious of paper printing at work too! Print on both sides of paper when you can - just figure out which side your printer prints on first by drawing an arrow with pencil on a piece of paper before putting it in the paper tray. Also, if you have paper you're about to trash but has a side that's blank, reuse that for printing.

  • Reuse plastic bags. I bring a canvas bag with me for grocery shopping because it's easier to carry, but end up with lots of plastic bags anyways. Reuse all plastic bags for garbage; don't just throw them out after one use.

  • Don't waste food. If you're using herbs, fennel, leek or any other kind of vegetable, save the stems or the tough parts that are usually cut off - you can make vegetable broth with them. If you're removing shells off shrimp, keep the shells for making flavorful broth. Just put them in a freezer for future use. And if you're eating rice, make sure you finish every single grain. My grandmother always said that if you don't, you'd end up getting struck by lightning (so believe me when I say my rice bowl is always clear of rice after I eat).

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