Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Feast for the Eyes

I've been drooling over these works by Tord Boontje, a brilliant Dutch designer, ever since I saw them. They caught my eye while I was looking for wedding inspirations. He does alot of designs based on flowers, and a good number of his projects involve crystals. He actually made some products for Target for a very brief period (too bad I missed it). Currently, you can find his works in cool home furnishing stores and even Moma.

If I owned a home, I would definitely want his garland light (below) in one of my rooms. All you need to do is wrap it around a light bulb, and you can use it on a ceiling light or lamp. I can even imagine these at my wedding! Floral centerpieces are a waste, but these aren't (the question is what would I do with 15 of them afterwards). And did I mention that they come in different colors?

images from Unica Home

The other pieces I've been eyeing are the ivy panel and curtain (below). If you have a large space and want to divide it up, they would be a very good choice...functional AND pretty (you might need more than 2 of them though). For my wedding, if I were to do some kind of a photo area, these would be a very nice backdrop for the photos when put against a wall. And the purple color would be perfect!! I'm gonna dream on now.

images from Unica Home

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