Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays: What Have I Been Doing?

Licking our wedding invitation envelopes.

Seriously? No. Thanks to glue stick, I am a happy gal! Unfortunately for me, it's been a one man (woman) operation since my fiance's in Boston and I'm in NY. Lucky for him right. To be fair though, he did help with our assembly line when I was in Boston.

I've been addressing and glueing on and off for a while now. Been doing these and sending them out in batches to keep myself sane. I just hope my sweat and tears are recognized, and most importantly, appreciated by my fiance!

By the way, in case if you're wondering what that Chinese character stands for on our invitation, it means double happiness. It's pretty standard for us in weddings. Hopefully, it'll bring us lots of happiness and luck.

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