Friday, July 2, 2010

Easy Luxurious Meal

Last Sunday, on a very late afternoon, my husband and I went grocery shopping at Stew's. We wanted something for a quick dinner that night, and Maine lobster was on sale for $4.99/lb. Since we had boiled lobster the week before for father's day, we decided to make lobster rolls for our dinner. I wonder who first thought of pairing something so inexpensive and ordinary like a hot dog bun with with something so special and luxurious like lobster?

It was pretty easy. All we did was boil the lobster (10 minutes for roughly a 1lb lobster), remove the meat, chop them into pieces. The lobsters were soft shell, so it was extra easy to remove the meat, but I prefer hard shell since they retain less water after they're cooked (an enormous amount of water gushed out of ours).

To the lobster meat, we added diced celery, a little bit of old bay, pepper and mayo, and finished the mixture off with a squeeze of lemon juice for freshness. For the buns, we dropped a pat of butter into a pan and added the hot dog buns (sliced side down) to toast them. I served the lobster rolls with some healthy oven baked fries.

It might not be as good as enjoying the lobster roll with shoestring fries at Mary's Fish Camp in NYC, but our dinner was good - the lobsters were fresh and the buns were warm and toasty. To top it off, it was a big bang for our buck since I was able to save the heads for lobster stock!

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